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The Kind of Thing I Do

Every word of this is true. I went to a party with one of the guys in my band. I didn't know anyone there, but somehow at the end of the night I was talking to a girl, and we left together. In the parking lot, we got to her car first, and she offered me a ride to my car, which couldn't have been more than 50 feet away. Anyway, "we sat and talked inside the car", and in the course of the conversation, I asked her if she would like to go out sometime. Her response, "Why?", still baffles me.


The Kind of Thing I Do

I guess that I came on too strong
But after all, it's been so long.
I didn't want to take the chance of losing.
It didn't go exactly right
But looked at in a different light
The situation almost seems amusing.
I'm really not that way at all,
But through the smoke and alcohol
I might have been a bit unfair to you
I never meant to make you blue.
It's not the kind of thing I do.

But was that such a hard request?
A simple "No", a simple "Yes",
That would have been enough to satisfy me.
Now maybe I'm a little dense
But nothing that you said made sense.
If there were answers there they went right by me.
If you were only kidding me
And wanted to get rid of me
You could have given me a clearer clue,
'Cause reading minds is something new.
It's not the kind of thing I do.

It might have been the way you dressed,
It might have been my loneliness,
But when you caught my eye you sure were stunning
We left but didn't go too far
We sat and talked inside the car
For two whole hours with both our motors running.
Your kisses sweet upon my face
Still leave a bitter aftertaste,
But I'm to blame as much for that as you.
I knew I wasn't getting through.
It's not the kind of thing I do.

I'll never fit into your dreams.
I'm not the captain of the team.
I've never even been a second-stringer.
It's hard for me to understand
How you could have so many plans
And no time for a poet and a singer.
I could admit that I was wrong
And if I kept you out too long
I probably should apologize, that's true.
But if it's all the same to you
That's not the kind of thing I do.

Copyright 2006 Joseph L. Higgins Ulladulla Music