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I started taking piano lessons at the age of eight. After two years of struggling with my parents about practicing, I was allowed to give it up. A couple of years later, I won $25 in a scholarship contest and, this being the tail end of the folk music era of the late 50's/early 60's, I decided to buy myself a guitar and an instruction book.

Learned a few chords. When I got to college, it seemed that everyone played guitar, and we all learned from each other. Played for a while in a couple bars on Long Island in the early 70's, and formed a band, "Perfect Strangers", in 1978. We started out as a three guitar band, until my younger brother gave me his electric bass (Mom bought him a better one), and I became a bass player. The band lasted until 1985 when we broke up due to a combination of health issues (lead singer had throat problems), personal issues and increased workload on the day job. Continued playing for my own enjoyment, and after I got married and my wife and I joined a church, I joined the choir and got very involved in the music program of the church. My most recent accomplishment, and source of musical pride and much joy, is the formation of a children's choir, who practice with me each week and sing in church every four to six weeks.

I found out recently that there was a bluegrass duo, Joe & Len Higgins, who recorded for Columbia Records in the '20s ("Kentucky Wedding Chimes"). Since my name is Joseph Leonard Higgins, I've decided to adopt these guys as long lost uncles.