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 What I've Always Known

I was listening to a CD by a bluegrass band called "String Fever". There's a bluegrass waltz called "Carolina" by their guitar player and lead singer, Bruce Jepson. One of the lines begins with the words "But still...". Later I was singing to myself, and that line became "But still I keep trying...". It took me a while to get my melody to be different from Bruce's, and come up with the rest of the story.

I've always known that love was just for fools

When lovers play by different rules.

They treat you kind, then treat you cruel

And leave you on your own.

I've always known that love's not worth the wait,

Not worth the risks and twists of fate

When love can often turn to hate

And turn a heart to stone.

But still I keep trying over and over.

Still I keep flying from lover to lover.

Still I keep dancing closer and closer

To someone like you

To see if it's true:

What I've always known.

Instrumental verse

And I've always known that love was not for me

When love can end too easily.

There's never any guarantee

You won't end up alone

But still I keep reaching higher and higher

Still I keep searching for my heart's desire,

Still I keep playing, playing with fire

And I still get burned 'cause I've never learned

What I've always known.