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I'll Take My Chances

I have no idea where this one came from. But it came pretty much as a complete song, one of those "I must have heard this somewhere, 'cause I don't remember writing it" songs. This one was probably influenced by the songs that Paul McCartney has written in similar styles ("Honey Pie", "Martha, My Dear"), and the use of a clarinet in the break is something of an homage to "When I'm Sixty-Four". This was another chance to use a lot of my favorite chords, the diminshed and augmented (which I collectively refer to as the "demented chords").

I had an unused rhyme for "chances", so I added the tag at the end

You look like the kind

Who's inclined to resist my advances

But I'll take my chances with you.

You don't really seem

Like my dream of what perfect romance is

But I'll take my chances with you.

You're trying hard not to show how you feel.

You can't conceal it.

Your eyes reveal it.

My dear, I'm afraid

You're betrayed by those meaningful glances

So I'll take my chances with you.

Instrumental verse (clarinet solo)

I find that when I'm confronted by love

I run for cover

But I've discovered ...

That you've got a style

And a smile that completely entrances

So I'll take my chances with you.


I'll take my chances.

May I have the next several dances?

I'll take my chances with you.