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The Sound of Your Breathing

In 1975, I think, I was in St. Louis on a business trip. One night, my boss and I went to the bar in the hotel where we were staying (well okay, it wasn't just one night). We were sitting at the bar, listening to the band and talking to the bartender, Michelle. Towards the end of the evening, she mentioned how when she got home from work late at night, she liked to go into her daughter's bedroom and just listen: "Sometimes, the sound of her breathing is all that I need". Wow, is that a song title or what? Although it was meant to be about a child, I left it a little vague, as it could apply to anyone whose presence is comforting.


Can I lie here beside you if I try not to wake you?

I don't want to take you away from your dreams.

But my day's been a long one, and it's kept me from sleeping

And the Sound of Your Breathing is all that I need.

Now I hope you don't mind if I crawl under your covers.

There's no other lovers who love you like me,

And the warmth of your body gives me hope to believe in,

And the sound of your breathing is all that I need.

I keeps me from dying just to know that you're living.

You take what I'm giving and give me relief.

When I'm worn out and weary and my broken heart's bleeding

Then the sound of your breathing leaves me in such peace;

It's all that I need.